I’m curently working on a flower fairy costume for a party. I’m attendig a bal next week. It’s gonna be a big event with a nature theme, and I just can’t just go with a random dress and a flower tiara. You know, it would be a shame to pass on such a great opportunity to create something new !

So I went on my couture jedi master’s blog, to see if she had anything inspiering for me, and I saw this :

That girl is only 17 years old, her name is Angela Clayton, and she is crazy talented. You should check out her work.

Anyway, that skirt was everything I needed, and more. To do it, you just need to create a 3/4 skirt and fix fake flowers on it with hot glue.
Then, you pin and sew 2 layers of tull on top of it, add a zipper, and you’re done !

I got all I needed for cheap, except forthe flowers. So I had to buy a few less that I wanted, and was pretty worry that the final result would seem « poor » and crappy, but it all went well.

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I also worked on the top. First try, I wanted to do it like Angela, all in one piece, but it’s very difficult when you have a wide chest. So I finally gave up and draw a corset pattern, using my natural measurements (and not corsetted one, cause I wanted something easy to do, and to wear, with very little boning)

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Its almost finished ! I still want to add silk sleeves, and some decoration on the corset. I also have to so something for my hair. Like a crown or a fascinator, but I’m really happy about how it turned off. The corset is a little bit too big, I still don’t know how i’m gonna fix it, but I got a week to figure it out.

Would you like me to wear it on a set this spring ?