Some of you asked about my selfportraits and how I manage to do it. And I really love to andwer that question because this all year has been about finding a creative process that can take place in my very small appartment, do not requiere extra help, and matches my standards for quality in the best way possible. And by that I don’t mean that I am entierly satisfied with my work, but I’m not ashamed by the result.

I just think that peoples have been taking erotic photography for something like 100 years now, and I probably have a lot more ressources than they do with my electronic camera and my very good friend Adobe (lightroom is my best fried, truly !). So what if I decided to recreate a very basic studio with a simple setting, an unique flashlight, and tried to do my best with it ? Could I be as beautyfull as those  womens ? Would I be able to create something okay with the very little I know, and the huge amount of work that i’m willing to put into this ?

This is the first image I did, as a test :


Pretty convincing, huh ? Now you know : from time to time, my home becomes a TARDIS. It’s way bigger on the inside, and it can travel in time and space. But my favourite place of all is Paris 1920. And I did this vidéo to share my last trip with you.